Skydive University Instructor Demonstrates Basic Bodyflight

Bodyflight for Beginners Blog Series:  3 Tips to Accelerate Your Skydiving Skills



In this three-part series, SDU founder and chief skydiving instructor Rob Laidlaw elaborates on his top three bodyflight tips for skydiving newbies:


Mastery of parts one and two are essential in getting to a subtle level of flying in bodyflight, so make sure you practice letting go and relaxing both in the air and on the ground.


“Subtlety is the key to bodyflight...”

To push on and redirect air begins with learning to initiate all movements smoothly (even minutely).  Be sure to initiate all movement with a sensitivity to the airflow.  Feel your moves.  The more smoothly and relaxed your initiations the more efficient the reaction.

 When you have those basics down, move on to flying subtle.

Try This: Start-Coast-Stop (SCS).  Control momentum through the process of SCS.  Initiate to achieve momentum, and once you feel you have the speed desired, return to neutral as you coast toward your dock. 

It's during this “coast” phase you will assess and fine-tune your timing to apply a stopping move. Learning this momentum control in small steps will build confidence to perform aggressive movements in control. 

Skills and Safety on the Way to Skydiving Success

Skydiving is a joy we’re intent on sharing here at Skydive University—whether you’re a bodyflight or freefly enthusiast, a competitor, a wingsuit hopeful, or an instructor (or hopeful examiner) looking for your next rating, Skydive University has the tools and training to help you reach your skydiving goals.

Call us at 1-800-591-8567, or find us on FacebookTwitter, or Google+ to whet your appetite for upcoming courses and events. We look forward to connecting with you soon! 

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