NTSC Only. The Skydiving Survival Series training videos will help to enhance your survival skills, and now they are all found on one DVD. BREAK-AWAY thoroughly covers all common malfunctions and emergencies, how to avoid them, and how to deal with them. FLY LIKE A PRO breaks down the difficult skills of basic and intermediate canopy control techniques into a logical and easy to digest learning program. GROUND RUSH contains fascinating interviews with leading experts set to beautiful aerial videography and music. PACK LIKE A PRO. Learn to P.R.O. pack or flat pack with one of our best selling videos ever. TROUBLE FREE ZERO P will also help advance your packing skills. Featured Experts: John LeBlanc from Performance Designs, Bill Booth from the Relative Workshop, Master Parachute Rigger Billy Weber, Kevin Gibson, Bob Hallett, Mike Maguire, Rob Laidlaw and others.


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    Price: $59.95

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