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Whether you've yet to make that first jump – or you're a skydiver  looking to refine and enhance skills in canopy, formation, freeflying, wingsuit flying, or one-on-one and group instruction – Skydive University offers specialized classes and certifications that span the entire scope of the sport. 

SDU COACHES are required to have a remarkable level of experience in the many disciplines of skydiving, as well as additional training that reaches far beyond the requirements of the national governing body for the sport, the United States Parachute Association (USPA). 

Our experienced, talented coaches have thousands of jumps, many hours of wind tunnel time and a sheer appreciation, understanding and love for the sport—creating some of the best and most effective skydiving coaches in the world.

SKYDIVING PROGRAMS: Skydive University courses will take you from your first jump, all the way to becoming a seasoned professional (or fierce competitor) in any or all of the skydiving disciplines, including:

·     Canopy Ability: Improve Accuracy and Sharpen Your Piloting and Swooping Techniques 

·     Formation Skydiving: Master 4-Ways, 8-Ways and Hold Your Own in Large Formations

·     Freeflying:  Establish Artistic Freefly Skills, Become Confident in Vertical Relative Work/Vertical Formation Skydiving (VRW/VFS), Angle Flying, and more

·     Freestyle Technique: Work to Establish a Unique and Respected Style All Your Own as You Work to Perfect Creative Acrobatic Freefall Maneuvers 

·     Wing Suit Flying: Build Your Confidence and Skill with Wing Suit/Track Suit Coaching and Development


The SDU training philosophy follows a “top-down” skill development model, simplifying current competitive techniques and creating a smooth progression towards high performance.  We train in a respectful, fun, professional environment always, maximizing your learning, skill and confidence at every step.

INSTRUCTOR TRAINING: Ready to take the next step and start coaching or teaching?

Our SDU Certification Ratings include Coach, AFF Instructor and Tandem Instructor; and our Examiner programs provide thorough training and in-depth, hands-on experience to better prepare you to become a professional certified instructor.  

SDU has a number of advanced courses to sharpen your skydiving knowledge and skill, as well as methods to improve your communication and instructional abilities in one-on-one and group settings.

No matter what you’re looking to master as a skydiver–formations, freeflying, wing suit flying, or striving for a professional rating–we can help you become one of the best.

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 "The most knowledgeable up to the times personable places to get the right information so you can increase your Skydiving Skills."

-Rocky Evans-

" Learned so much from Rob at Skydive University! Made me a more safe and confident skydiver!"

-John R. Hrabovsky-

"Whether you need a Coach Rating or Advanced Instructor Course to obtain an IE Rating or anything in between, Skydive U. is an excellant option, with a unique perspective that adds skills and techniques to your instructional bag of tricks."

-Al King-

"Wait your a train conductor? Just kidding! It was great getting my license with you guys last February! Since then I've made 276 jumps, 3 base jumps, and about 25 wing suit flights. You guys set me up for success!"

-Joe Rouse-


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